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Tropical Landscape & Design offers a variety of services to make your experience more pleasant and hassle free. We specialize in:

- Full Design Service           - Custom Installations       -Water Features

- LED Lighting Systems       - Deco-Rock Design         - Walkways

- Quarterly Maintenance      - Commercial Maintenance

- Post-Project Acclamation  - Estate Care Programs

We are happy to coordinate along side our proven and reputable contractors to satisfy and manage any aspect of your desires.

-  Waterfalls                      - Tree Sevice                    - Propane Fire Pits / Torches               - Stump Grinding

- Tiki Huts                         - Artificial Turf                   - Chemical Maintenance                      - Concrete Borders


Signup for Post Project Acclamation and Landscape Maintenance Programs

- Let us take care of the proper hydration for that critical 3-4 week Acclamation process Following your Installation.
- We also professionally prune, trim and overall address your property, putting the detail back on a quarterly basis.

This will improve proper growth and development and also ensure early issue detection for botanicals so that they will prosper, making your new landscape experience more enjoyable.

Tired of lack luster, generic landscaping design and unscrupulous contractors that don't deliver. Contact us today at 954-421-8733