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We feature Vista, FX and Kichler high quality commercial grade systems that will deliver dramatic night time landscape effects that rival and possibly surpasses the day light presentation.  This new era technology operates on a fraction of the energy of conventional or halogen systems.

Landscape lighting increases beauty, safety and functionality without sacrificing practicality or energy efficiency. We tailor your LED Lighting installation to improve all aspects of outdoor illumination. By choosing the appropriate components we can deliver a beautiful outcome after the sun goes down.

It's best to incorporate different methods of illumination for a more complete system in regards to functionaity, desired effects, and improved safety

 - Up/Accent        -  Architectural    - Designated area lighting    - Down/Tree            

 - Silhouett           - Path/Step         - Spread                                -Spot


Our lighting systems require almost No Maintenance, extremely long life at very low energy consumption. Now is the time to light up your landsapes, LED now makes it possible to enjoy outdoor lighting without the higher costs of electric and replacement of halogens bulbs. The LED's we utilize have a extremely long life rating, well over 5 years, in some cases 10 years before replacement is required.

Enjoy your project after sunset.